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DAILY REFLECTIONS for September 2nd


The willingness to grow is the essence of all spiritual development.
As Bill Sees It, Page 171

A line from a song goes, " … and I look to find a reason to believe …" It reminds me that at one time I was not able to find a reason to believe that my life was all right. Even though my life had been saved by my coming to A.A., three months later I went out and drank again. Someone told me: "You don't have to believe. Aren't you willing to believe that there is a reason for your life, even though you may not know yourself what that reason is, or that you may not sometimes know the right way to behave?" When I saw how willing I was to believe there was a reason for my life, then I could start to work on the Steps. Now when I begin with, "I am willing …," I am using the key that leads to action, honesty, and an openness to a Higher Power moving through my life.

Daily Reflections reprinted with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.


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